Gift of Life is a proud charity partner of the Russian Film Week in London. 15% from all ticket sales and paid advertisements as well as 100% profit from a charity auction at Golden Unicorn Awards ceremony will benefit Gift of Life and children with cancer in Russian hospitals. There will be also charity collections organised by RFW volunteers before each screening and during all Russian Film Week auxiliary events. RWF provides an opportunity for direct donations to Gift of Life as well:

Thanks to the generosity of RFW production team the charity will help more children to beat cancer.

The Gift of Life foundation began operations in Britain in 2011 as the sister organisation of Podari Zhizn. Its main objective is to gather funds in the UK and other European countries to pay for treatment for the children in Podari Zhizn’s care. The Podari Zhizn foundation is one of Russia’s largest charity organisations, caring for thousands of children with oncological, haematological and other severe illnesses. Many of them need expensive drugs and tests which are not paid for by the government, and which the patients’ families are unable to pay for themselves.

Since 2011, Gift of Life has helped over 260 children in Russia. It has bought them medicines not registered in Russia: Erwinase, Methotrexate, Lysodren, Adcetris, Alexan and Alkeran. Erwinase is the only drug that can treat children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia who develop an allergy to the Russian drug Asparginase. Erwinase is not registered in Russia, and so is not paid for by the government. The Podari Zhizn and Gift of Life foundations import it from Britain for patients in Russian clinics.

The Gift of Life foundation also funds visits by foreign specialists to the Dmitry Rogachev Centre for Paediatric Haematology in Moscow in order to perform surgery and instruct Russian doctors in unique surgical methods