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RFW: VR Programme

19-26 November 2017
20-minute demonstration in 30-minute slots brought to you by:

This is platform for promotion and demonstration of Russian VR projects in international markets, created by: Georgy Molodtsov (VRability), Denis Semenov (Great Gonzo Studio), Alexandra Sadikova , Natalia Severina (Cultural Revolution) uniting filmmakers, artists, producers and other creative professionals passionate about VR.
The Spacewalker VR / Время первых VR (4 min 22 sec)
Animation, Russia, 2017
Director: Alexander Gorokhov
Production: CGF Studio, Bazelevs
This VR short film is about the first human walking in space. The film immerses the audiences in the experience of the Soviet cosmonauts Alexei Leonov and Pavel Belyaev during their trip on the Voskhod-2 spaceship on 18-19 March,1965.

Hermitage VR / Эрмитаж VR (15 min)
Fiction, Russia
Director: Mikhail Antikov, producer: Sergey Zakharov
VR tour through the history of the Hermitage with the renowned Russian actor Konstantin Khabensky.

Lake Baikal: The Science and Spirituality of Extreme Water: Episode 1. Winter Spirit / Озеро Байкал: Зимний дух (7 min 22 sec, 3D)
Documentary, USA, Russia, 2016
Directors: Michael Owen, Georgy Molodtsov
Cinematic virtual reality will transport viewers to Lake Baikal in Siberia and introduce them to the dramatic landscapes and the local customs and spiritual traditions of people who live around the oldest, deepest and most voluminous body of fresh water on Earth – 20% of all the liquid fresh water on our planet.

VRability: Maxim Kiselev / VRability: Максим Киселев (6 min 32 sec)
Documentary, Russia, 2016
Director: Georgy Molodtsov
Maxim Kiselev is the only professional ice-wheelchair-skater. In this experience you'll be able to learn, what does it mean to perform figure ice skating in a wheelchair and you will become both the audience and the participant of this performance thanks to Virtual Reality 360° technology.

Between Petrov and Vodkin / Между Петровым и Водкиным (3 min 40 sec)
Animation, Russia, 2017
Directors: Denis Semionov, Natalia Severina
The first part of the immersive trilogy "Cultural revolution" focuses on the cultural scene of the Russian Empire in the year 1912. The viewer gets an opportunity to find himself in retro footage of the pre-revolutionary Russia and then to immerse himself in the most prominent picture of Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin Bathing of the Red Horse.

The Story of one Jester / История одного шута (6 min 6 sec)
Fiction, Russia, 2016
Director: Alexey Bystritskiy
Scriptwriter, producer: Alexey Likhnitsky
The movie concerns the unknown details of the most famous royal jester`s last day.

The Family Circle (3 min. 20 sec)
Fiction, Russia, 2016
Director: Linara Bagautdinova
Author of the idea, producer: Valentin Rogatin
The relationships of 4 different families during the period of several years.

Out of Body / Вне тела (12 min)
Russia, 2017
Director, script: Maxim Nikonov
An ingenious scientist carries out a dangerous experiment to prove the theory of life after death. During the experiment, he must die so that his spirit leaves the body and then return back, but everything goes not according to plan, and the scientist is forced to fight for the opportunity to return to life.

Omnom Stories , unexpected guest / Приключения Ам Няма, незваный гость (3 min)
Russia, 2017
An unexpected guest arrives in the box right to Om Nom's doorstep. Who might it be?..

Kamchatka / Камчатка (3 min)
Director: Dmitry Terem
Russia, 2016
Amazing Kamchatka - snowboarding, nature and adventure

RT360: Spacewalk in open space / RT360: Выход в открытый космос
Russia, 2016
First ever spacewalk re-lived by a Russian cosmonaut in this epic 360 VR. The video, which shows out-of-this-world views of Planet Earth, is the first time that the so-called extravehicular activity (EVA) has been filmed in 360.

My North Pole VR / Мой северный полюс VR (4,5 min)
Russia, 2016
Director: Kustova Olesya
You will see polar bears in their natural habitat, hear the thunder of century-old ice cracking beneath the hull, soar over the silent icy desert by helicopter, and feel all the power and, the same time, the fragility of the Arctic.

RT360: Revolution 360 / RT360: Революция 360 (4 min)
Russia, 2016
Director: Alexander Skraybin
July 1917. Political tensions reach a climax. Armed militias flood the streets of Petrograd. Cossack patrols, specially ordered to the capital, try to suppress revolt against the Provisional Government.

Natural Treasures of Russia / Заповедные жемчужины России
The cycle of films in 360-degree format transfer the viewer to the amazing places in Russia. The unique format of the shooting evokes the sense of presence – as if you are watching the birds of the Volga River delta or breathe in the cold air of the Kola Peninsula forests.
Documentary shorts, Russia, 2017
Director: Anton Zhdanov
Scriptwriter: Ekaterina Dmitrieva
Executive Producer: Alexandra Zhmutskaya

Lena Pillars / Ленские столбы (8 min)
We will look into one of the most mysterious places of Russia to see the legendary monuments of nature and the mighty and boundless Lena – one of the longest rivers in the world.

Kandalaksha Reserve / Кандалакшский Заповедник (8 min)
We will go to the region of the rocky coasts, many kilometers of tundra and the northernmost forests of Europe, to the region between two seas - the Barents Sea and the White Sea.

Caucasus Reserve / Кавказский заповедник (8 min)
The spectators learn about the rare ancient plants of the same age as the first animals on Earth, found in the thick of the yew-boxwood forests.

Lazovsky Reserve / Лазовский заповедник (8 min)
A real trip to a mountainous region of volcanic origin, which has existed for about 100 million years.

Kronotsky Reserve / Кроноцкий заповедник (8 min)
The majestic volcanoes, the Valley of the Geysers, hot springs and glaciers, deep and narrow canyons.

Astrakhan Reserve / Астраханский заповедник (8 min)
You will find yourself in the thick of the lotus fields on the Volga River and see how the largest flower found in Russian blossoms.

Losiny Ostrov Reserve / Лосиный остров (8 min)
An impressive journey to the wildlife reserve and one of the largest national parks in the world within the boundaries of a huge metropolis (Moscow).

The Tiger Experience (3 min)
The Tiger Experience uses VR to tell an immersive story in which viewers step into the boots of a ranger and come face to face with wild tigers. It involves the viewer wandering through the tigers’ forest habitat, where they witness the work of rangers and see how they risk their lives on a daily basis to protect tigers from poaching. WWF has launched its first virtual reality video as part of a new awareness and fundraising campaign that aims to help double wild tiger numbers by 2022 – the next Chinese Year of the Tiger.

Venue: Science Museum, Exhibition Road South Kensington London SW7 2DD
19 November 2017 / 20:00-23:00 at The Opening Ceremony
Venue: Waterstones Piccadilly, LG, 203-206 Piccadilly, London W1V 9LE
20 November 2017 / 12:00 - 21:00
21 November 2017 / 12:00 - 14:00, 18:00-21:00
22 November 2017 / 12:00 - 14:00, 17:00-21:00
23 November 2017 / 12:00 - 21:00
24 November 2017 / 12:00 - 15:00
Venue: BFI Southbank, Belvedere Rd, South Bank, London SE1 8XT
25 November 2017 / 11:00 - 17:00
26 November 2017 / 12:00 - 21:00

Music in Film

Monday, 20 November 2017
A tribute to the renowned Soviet film director
Mikhail Kalik (1927-2017) and a talk about his films with music by
the internationally acclaimed composer Mikael Tariverdiev.
Venue: Pushkin House, 5A Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2TA
Mikhail Kalik is a great lost name of the 60’s Soviet cinema, his films were banned, shelved, almost forgotten. RFW will show two short documentaries about Kalik and Tariverdiev respectively and the stylish film To Love (1968).
Presented by London composer and The Real Tuesday Weld frontman Stephen Coates and film scholar and the Golden Unicorn Awards Jury member Olga Sherwood.

Film Poster Exhibition: To See Each Other / Навстречу друг другу

20 November  – 24 November 2017
12:00 – 18:00
Filip Perkon, the Russian Film Week General Producer is inviting fans of film, art and culture to the preview of his unique collection: posters of Russian films, screened in the UK over the last several decades and vintage Soviet posters of British and American feature films.
Russia and the West have a long history together, which included the Cold War, but also periods of warmer ties. The confrontation has been on the level of ideologies and official relations, but among ordinary people there has always been mutual interest and desire to understand each other.
Russian Culture House, 37 Kensington High St, London W8 5ED

RFW FemFest

Wednesday, 22 November 2017
14:00 – 16:00
RFW FemFest is a networking event for women in the film industry.
Short film screening and presentation on the making of a documentary about women in the Russian Revolution and Soviet history: Tractor Drivers and Tiger Tamers, Politicians and Cosmonauts (32 min),director and screenwriter Dolya Gavanski, UK, 2017.
Panel discussion on the subject: Women in Film – Gender equality and diversity do not come by themselves. Guests include film directors, producers, actresses and successful women from both Russia and the UK, who will present their films and projects.
Panelists: Anna MacDonald (London Film Academy, founder) Anna Dudina (BFI) Ekaterina Kononenko (The First, producer) Alyona Babenko (Like a Butyerfly, producer) Nigina Sayfullaeva (About Love 2, director) Lidia Sheinin (Harmony, director) Katrin Rothe (1917: The Real October, writer, director)
Screenings at different London venues as part of the RFW FemFest

Workshop by film director and writer Andrey Zvyagintsev:
discussion, questions and answers

Wednesday, 22 November 2017
15:00 – 17:00
Masterclass by film director and writer Andrey Zvyagintsev:
The secrets of directing (based on the film Elena)
Zvyagintsev’s name is quite well known in Britain, first for his 2003 film The Return, which won him a Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. Following The Return, Zvyagintsev directed The Banishment and Elena. His film Leviathan was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 2014. His most recent film Loveless won the Jury Prize at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. The Film Loveless is screened by RFW.
Masterclass supported by Cultural Solidarity Media
Picturehouse Central, Corner of Shaftesbury Avenue and Great Windmill Street, Piccadilly, London W1D 7DH

RFW: Industry Day

Thursday, 23 November, 2017
12.00 – 18.00

This is a networking event for the film industry professionals. RFW brings over film directors, producers and actors to represent each of the 45 films screened during the festival. They arrive to meet with their counterparts in Britain, pitch their ideas or take part in casting sessions. To facilitate this mutually beneficial cooperation RFW is inviting producers, distributors, casting agents, screenwriting experts, investors, lawyers and other professionals specializing in the filmmaking business from Britain and other countries of the world. On the day we will be holding several sessions with the experts in each field listed below and you will also have an opportunity to meet your prospective partners, consultants, make personal contacts:
1. Filming opportunities in Russia and in the UK
2. Independent films distribution
3. Film financing (Private, Government, Tax Rebate)

There will be also separate sessions for Casting and Pitching.
Refreshments will be offered.

Russian Culture House, 37 Kensington High St, London W8 5ED

RFW: Revolution Centenary Day

Thursday, 23 November 2017
18:30 – 21:00
Screenings with short Q&A and talk : “Why is the Revolution Centenary mostly ignored in Russia and by Russian filmmakers?”
Venue: Pushkin House, 5A Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2TA
12+ / Russia / 27 min
Producer: Anastasia Uspenskaya
Narration: Mikhail Yefremov
BBC Russian Service documentary follows Lenin’s train journey from Zurich to the Revolution. Most Russians are familiar with the reference, “sealed railway carriage”, in which Lenin travelled via Germany to Petrograd. At the railway station, he climbed an armored car to rally people in order to seize power. However, to this day, debates continue about that eight-day journey which changed the course of the world history. Was Lenin’s carriage “sealed”?  How did the Bolsheviks use Germany - and how did Germany use them?  Was Lenin a “German spy”, as his detractors labelled him at the time? This film seeks the answers to these questions, by using archive materials and featuring historians. 

1917. THE REAL OCTOBER, 2017
12+ / Germany, Switzerland / 90 min
Writer, director, producer: Katrin Rothe
Narration: Mikhail Yefremov
St. Petersburg 1917. The frontline of the global war is coming closer every day; people are hungry, worried and angry. In February the Tsar is overthrown. Many artists are euphoric: Revolution! Freedom! Freedom, finally? No. Starting in October, the Bolsheviks rule by themselves. What were poets, thinkers, and avant-gardists like Maxim Gorky and Kazimir Malevich doing during this drastic change of power? In the film, five artists alight from piles of the director’s books as animated cut-out figures, with their own recorded words.
As part of the RFW FemFest.

RFW: Ecology Day

Friday, 24 November, 2017
16:00 – 18:00
RFW in partnership with Synergy University (Russia) is holding several events; a film competition “Ecology: the future of our planet is in the hands of the young”, a VR show, a panel discussion and workshop by documentary film directors and a photo exhibition, a film screening.
Panel Discussion: Sacha Mirzoeff and Sergei Miroshnichenko
Russian Culture House, 37 Kensington High St , Kensington , W8 5ED London
Russian Film Week welcomes you to a panel discussion by filmmakers Sergei Miroshnichenko (Russia) and Sacha Mirzoeff (Great Britain) on making documentaries and especially the ones on the theme of ecology – relevant and captivating for the general public.
Sergei Miroshnichenko Honorary Artist of the Russian Federation, Emmy laureate, Nika, TEFI, Golden Eagle winner. Will talk on the secrets of making a good documentary (in Russian with English translation). With excerpts from his films.
Sacha Mirzoeff Award-winning director and Executive Producer at the BBC Documentaries, over 20 international awards, BAFTAs nominee. Will talk on how to make documentaries on the theme of ecology interesting and relevant to the general audience. With the competition films excerpts.
Both panellists are members of the RFW-Synergy University Student EcoFilm Competition Jury.
There will be a screening of the winning entries of the RFW-Synergy University Student EcoFilm Competition. (

Exhibition. Boris Grebenshikov paintings - "The Way of the Moon"

24 November – 7 December 2017
12:00 – 20:00
The artist Boris Grebenshikov - the Russian Rock legend and the​ ​young generation idol of ​the Perestroika and Glastnost​ era​.​ ​His talent is so big that in order to manifest itself it requires several art forms: music, poetry and fine art. There are about 20 canvases on display, from early works of the late 70​s​ to the ​most ​recent ones.​ ​
The Exhibitionist Hotel, 8-10 Queensberry Place, London, SW7 2EA

RFW: Ecology Day Screening

Friday, 24 November, 2017
18:30 – 21:00
Venue: Pushkin House, 5A Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2TA
12+ / Germany, Switzerland / 52 min
Director: Sergey Yastrzhembskiy
Only around 500 endangered Amur tigers remain in the wild. According to statistics, poachers kill an average of 20 tigers every year. The main danger for these tigers comes from Russia’s eastern neighbour, China. Although the state and public organizations of Russia and China have been fighting a war against poaching for years, what are the results of their efforts? The filmmaker of Tigers and Humans went to Russia’s Far East, China and the South-Eastern countries to conduct his own investigation.

Producer: Igor Dobrovolsky
Director: Anastasia Popova
The largest freshwater reservoir on Earth – Lake Baikal – as never seen before! This gorgeously shot documentary showcases the splendour of the lake, its crystal depths and the surrounding fauna. Yet, a sobering look at the looming water crisis, revealing possible solutions to an international issue.

RFW Ecology Day Exhibition

24 November – 1 December 2017
12:00 – 18:00
Russian Culture House (Rossotrudnichestvo), 37 Kensington High St, London W8 5ED (free admission)
24 November – 1 December 2017 from 12:00 to 18:00
Private view 24 November 17:00 to 18:00
Every year the Russian Film Week team supports a charity, and this year, to mark the Year of Ecology in Russia, the choice fell on the WWF project to protect Amur tigers in Russia. RFW in partnership with Synergy University (Russia) is holding several events; a film competition “Ecology: the future of our planet is in the hands of the young”, a VR show and a photo exhibition.
Through showing photos of endangered tigers at the exhibition, Russian Film Week is hoping to raise people’s environmental awareness as well as funds in order to support WWF’s work to protect Amur tigers. 
The exhibition will include photos by photographers Antonio Olmos, Hartmut Jungius and Kevin Schafer provided by WWF, works by the award-winning photographer Vladimir Medvedev, showing the breathtaking beauty of Russia’s nature, provided by Synergy and photos of Wild Animals, provided by National Geographic Russia.

Masterclass by film director, writer, producer Valery Todorovsky: Why are TV series more popular today than feature films?

Saturday, 25 November 2017
Pushkin House, 5A Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2TA
Todorovsky made a name for himself with the crime melodrama set in Moscow The Country of the Deaf. The film was entered into the 48th Berlin International Film Festival. His 2008 musical film Hipsters won the Golden Eagle Award and Nika Award for Best Film. Of his earlier films, The Hearse won the Grand Prix at Mannheim (1990) and Love received Ecumenical Prize at Cannes (1992). His film Bolshoi is screened at the RFW-17 on 24th November.

Closing Party

Sunday, 26 November 2017
20:30 – 23:30
BFI Southbank, NFT1, Belvedere Rd, South Bank, London SE1 8XT
DJ set by female duo "Broken Hearts"

Closing Premiere After Party at BFI Southbank with Mathilda Director Alexey Uchitel, cast, our patrons and friends (NOTE: this is not a ticket to the screening, only to the after party).
The Closing Party will include champagne, drinks and canapes for all attendees after the 1st screening, 8.30pm until 11.30pm
The Broken Hearts are well-known for their distinctive brand of spectacular DJing. They have played all around the world from hotel launches and fashion parties in London, Hong Kong, Paris, Moscow and New York to Glastonbury festival, and for clients such as Selfridges, Tate, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton. Playing a wide range of music from rock'n'roll to dancehall, their eclectic sets have been described by The Independent as "a Hollywood musical on hallucinogenics”.
The party will be accompanied by a Mathilde costume exhibition.