18 September, 2018
Echo of the Unicorns in Russia

Perkon Productions in association with Synergy University and KARO.Art are happy to present a unique film retrospective: Echo of the Unicorns.

 The retrospective derives its name from the Golden Unicorn Awards, held within the framework of the Russian Film Week in the UK.

 The programme includes 13 films – the Golden Unicorn Award winners and nominees in the Best Foreign Film on a Russian Theme category: 7 feature films, 6 documentaries films and 1 animated documentary. The screenings will be held in Moscow (18-23 of September), Saint-Petersburg (19-23 of September), Nizhny Novgorod (20-24 of October) and Voronezh (1-7 of October). Selected screenings will be followed by Q&As with the film directors and/or leading actors.

 The films cpme from all over the world: Germany, UK, Greece, France, Estonia, Brazil, Canada… The same variety can be spotted regarding their connection to the Russian theme: it can be based on a book, an event in Russian history or on a personal story.

 “The very fact that so many films were submitted for our Golden Unicorn Awards shows a great interest among world filmmakers in Russia, its culture and history, its people and beautiful nature. We hope this retrospective will show the Russian audience an outside perspective of the country and this ‘echo’ of our festival will help cross-cultural collaboration between the UK and Russia and our deepening understanding of each other” – says Filip Perkon, Russian Film Week and Golden Unicorn Awards founder and General producer.

 There is an abundance of films with a Russian theme this year: based on real-life stories, like Kursk, or Russian literature, like The Seagull.

Red Joan with Judy Dench, directed by Trevor Nunn, is an espionage picture based on the real-life case of Melita Norwood, a pensioner who was arrested for passing secrets to the KGB over a period of forty years...

Here’s the Toronto film festival review:

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