19 September, 2018
A look from the outside: Echo of the Unicorns festival opens in St. Petersburg

From September 19th to 23th  one of the biggest cinemas in St Petersburg, Karo-11 Okhta, will host a new and unique festival of films about Russia made by foreign filmmakers.

Filip Perkon, the founder and General producer of the Russian Film Week and the Golden Unicorn Awards (both these events will take place in the UK for the 3rd time since 2016) will follow the retrospective from Moscow to st. Petersburg and present it and some of the films there. Echo of the Unicorns is a selection of films – winners and nominees in the Best Foreign Film about Russia category of the Golden Unicorn Award 2017.

The directors, producers and/or leading actors, will present a lot of the films in this retrospective. The French film Polina will be presented by the director Valerie Muller and the lead actress Anastasia Shevtsova, the mocumentary Red Russian – by the director Charlie Braun from Brazil; the animated documentary “1917: The Real October will be followed by a talk by the German director Katrin Rothe, who will share her secrets of documentary animation. 




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