14 November, 2019
The nomination committee for The Russian Film Week and The Golden Unicorn Awards 2019

The Russian Film Week and The Golden Unicorn Awards is proud to announce its nomination committee for 2019. The eight-day film panorama celebrates the best of new films from Russian filmmakers worldwide and promotes Russian cinema while bridging the gap between Russian cinematography and the western world. This year more than 340 applications to participate in the Russian Film Week and the Golden Unicorn Awards were received. Nominees were selected by committees of film critics, journalists, filmmakers, art curators, opinion leaders and other well-respected art and culture experts. “As always, some categories offered many excellent candidates, and choosing among them was hard. But we have made our selections, in accordance with the RFW and the GUA's own rules with a support of our esteemed nomination committee” said Filip Perkon, Founder and General Producer of the Russian Film Week and the Golden Unicorn Awards.

The nomination committee 2019 includes:

Category: Russian films
Andrew Byron, actor (Russian films)

Andrew Byron is a British actor who, as someone who is completely fluent in Russian, has spent most of his twenty years in the film and television business playing Russians of one sort or another. Among his many screen credits, he is best known for his roles in Killing Eve, Wonder Woman, Dr. Who, War Machine and Spooks. Most recently he filmed Russian TV series Трейдер (Trader) in Moscow and the Marvel movie Black Widow in London. Andrew has also produced a number of Russian-themed plays in London, notably Anastasia and An Evening with the Romanovs at Pushkin House. He is also a writer, having co-written The Unfortunate Deaths as well as his own critically acclaimed one man show The Good Russian which toured earlier this year to two London venues as well as the Brighton Fringe Festival and the Ploshchadka na Tsvetnom Theatre in Moscow.

Ekaterina Eremenko, director and producer
Ekaterina Eremenko is director and producer with her company EE Films. She works in Technical University Berlin, mainly focusing on producing documentaries about mathematics. Ekaterina Eremenko graduated with Honours in mathematics from Moscow State University and from the VGIK film school in Russia. She has directed 10 feature length documentary films for the leading European TV channels (BBC, ART, ZDF etc.) and has won prizes at many international festivals, among them the best International Science Documentary at AFO52, 2017. In 2017 she was awarded the Medienpreis by the German Mathematical Society. Ekaterina’s documentary “Lake Vostok”was awarded with the Golden Unicorn Awards.


Vlada Krassilnikova, phographer
Vlada moved to Paris in 1994 to become the first ever Russian dancer at the world’s most famous cabaret Moulin Rouge where she danced as a soloist for ten years.She started photography during her time at the Moulin Rouge where her colleagues dancers were her first models and she did her first solo exhibitions in art galleries in London as she was still dancing at the Moulin.Vlada then became a full time professional photographer exhibiting in art galleries and art fairs in Paris, London, New York, Miami, Moscow and Geneva. Her artwork, published in several books, has been regularly sold in auction houses on both sides of the Atlantic.She has been working for many years on a very regular basis with the most prestigious French weekly news magazine Paris Match, contributing to major articles and covering mainly celebrities, luxury, dance, art, and Russia.


Anna Kan, social and cultural historian

Dr Anna Kan’s research interests are the social and cultural history of the XX century with focus on the Soviet Union and European Decorative Art.
Anna Dudina, fundraiser and events producer (Russian films) Anna is an accomplished fundraiser and events producer, with a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding of the arts and cultural sector, and in particular – the film industry. She has been working at the British Film Institute since 2013, where she looks after Business Partnerships, building relationships with corporate sponsors and generating key income for the UK’s lead organisation for film. She recently produced her first short film, RELIEF, and is currently developing future projects.

Olga Kettounen, architect and artist (Russian films)

Olga Kettounen is partner in the Studio Suoja. In 2015 the company was awarded with AIT Prize «Best German Interior Design».Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in St.Petersburg, Russia, she keeps alive her artistic career as well, participating in exhibitions with her watercolor and oil paintings. Olga Kettounen is a member of the International Art Critics Association, lecturing Architectural History and Theory in diverse art schools.

Category: documentaries

Georgy Molodtsov, director and producer

Georgy Molodtsov is an award-winning director and producer who specializes in production of 360/VR content, as well as organizing cinematic VR events as part of film festivals that showcase 360 content. He is the co-founder of the VR ability social project and Russian VR Seasons initiative. He is also the curator of the go East film festival’s Open Frame Award. Currently works as independent producer on project connected with distribution of VR360 content and production. He has a track record of over 30 social campaigns and many of his works were awarded on Russian and international advertising festivals including Red Apple, ‘Idea’, ‘Belyi kvadrat’ etc. He also contributed to the production of documentaries in Netherlands, Poland and Serbia which also became award-winning.

Alexander Kan, cultural historian, critic and author of a number of books and many articles on contemporary Russian music and cinema

In the 1980s and 1990s Alexander played an active role in organising and publicizing Soviet and post-Soviet artistic underground both in Russia itself as well as in the West. He produced musical festivals and tours, was a host of radio and TV programmes, columnist of The Moscow Times, the first independent English language newspaper in Russia. Since 1996 Alexander lives in London and works as Arts and Culture Correspondent with BBC Russian Service. He is a Trustee of Pushkin House, an independent centre of Russian culture in London. Alexander has been very actively involved in the work of Russian Film Week in the UK since its very outset – as a Patron, a member of the Selective Committee and a host of many meetings with visiting filmmakers.

Category: foreign films

Olga Miloshunas, art and culture expert

Olga Miloshunas worked as a fellow researcher in the Institute of Russian Literature in St. Petersburg. Her work was focused on the famous Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy. She has taken part in the hiking campaign to Yasnaya Polyana, Tolstoy’s birthplace, where he lived and worked for the majority of his life. As a part of this campaign she read a number of lectures on Tostoy’s masterpieces. In 2007 she was appointed as the Chief Executive of ART publishing house in St. Petersburg. Along with her publishing work she continued to organize exhibitions; her projects included the following: “Russian way” exhibition in London, “Tamara Lempinska – the queen of modern” in Paris and London, celebration of Pushkin’s 200th anniversary in Chelsea Arts Club in London.


The Nomination Committee reviewed the submissions and selected the films for consideration of the Jury. The full list of juries and nominees for the Golden Unicorn Awards is available at https://www.goldenunicornaward.com/news


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